The revolutionary DOUBLE BURN TOKEN

Evolution is an unstoppable process. As a result of collective thinking, "SmartShiba Inu" has come to realize the great dream of Shiba INU holders. After a year of mathematical calculations, SmartShiba Inu has come up with the formula to raise the value of Shiba INU to 1USD: programmed burns of Shiba INU Supply with each SmartShiba purchase.

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About Us

We are part off Shiba Army. We want to grow the interests of all our Family. There is something unique about the Shib brand that people just love. NO OTHER COIN WITH VIBRANT COMMUNITY LIKE OURS. The Only Way Shiba Inu Will Ever Reach $1 is to buy SmartShiba Inu. The more you buy the more we burn let's our dream come true!
The revolution is started!

Price Chart


100MIO Total Supply

Wallet Smart Shiba already burn: 30%
Wallet for Presale: 25%
Liquidity Pool: 16.25%
Locked for listing: 13%
Wallet Marketing: 3%
Wallet for the Team: 5%
Wallet for Airdrop & Giveaway: 2%
Private Sale: 5.75%

10% Buy/Sell Fees

3% Shiba INU Rewards.
1% to liquidity pool.
3% marketing.
3% send to burn SHIBA INU Wallet (buy SHIBA INU and to burn them)

Raising SHIBA to 1$

To achieve our ultimate goal of raising Shiba INU up to 1$, the smart contract's code is to be verified and audited to ensure everything is according to our parameters.

SmartShiba Ecosystem

Soon available on the stors. Ready to play our game and burn Shiba when you make a good score ? Stay connected !


Download our PlayToBurn and start to burn with fun.


SMART SHIBA is a hyper, deflationary token system that rewards its holders daily in three different ways:
- With 3% automatic SHIBA INU rewards every 60 min( no min amount required)
- Daily burn off SHIBA INU with 3% off all transactions feesπŸ”₯
- All our burns will be published with tx hash in our official telegram and also on ShibBurn
- DAILY burns of our SMART SHIBA token, we will gradually burn the entire BURN wallet which contains 50% of the total supply at different stages.
- Anti-Dump Contract Design with Max Wallet 1% and Max sell 0.5%
- Long term project with great opportunity and a fun environment.


Our steps to achieve the ultimate goal of raising Shiba INU to 1$.

Q1 2022

  • Core Team Formation βœ…
  • Project Conception βœ…
  • Website and Market Development βœ…
  • Smartcontract Development βœ…
  • Community & Social Media Launch βœ…
  • Verify Contract on BSCSCAN βœ…
  • KYC βœ…
  • Pinksale whitelist and Presale release βœ…
  • Pancakeswap Launch βœ…
  • First Massive Smart Shiba Live Burn show (Launch Day) βœ…
  • First Double Burn Live, Shiba Inu & Smart Shiha, 24h After Launch. βœ…
  • Airdrop events βœ…
  • Press Articles in Major Crypto and Finance News Sites
  • Quarterly Token Burn Event

Q2 2022

  • Certik Audit
  • Trust Wallet Logo
  • YouTube Video Reviews from Crypto Influencers
  • CoinMarketCap & CoinGecko listing
  • Airdrop distribution
  • Quarterly Token Burn Event

Q3 2022

  • Introducing Lottery Game
  • Advance Strategic partnerships
  • Expand team worldwide

Disclaimer : Crypto Currency investments are subject to market risks. Do your own research before investing. High rewards come along with High risks as well. The team or the creators of this token are not held responsible in any way for your loss or profit for that matter for the duration of your investment in the same.